TMG Unfiltered Podcast

Episode 1: What the heck is TMG Unfiltered?

Allow us to introduce ourselves! We’re Kat and Dev from the vegan blog/YouTube channel ‘Two Market Girls’ and this is our podcast! We’ll be discussing life beyond the blog including social media, photography, vegan lifestyle, and much more.

Episode 2: How to Date a Non-Vegan

Dating can be complicated, but what about when one of you is vegan and the other isn’t? Is it a deal breaker? Can it work out? We share our experiences and tips for making it work.

Episode 3: Vegan FAQs

In this episode of TMG Unfiltered we discuss all the frequently asked questions vegans get when people find out they’re vegan.


Episode 4: The Wonderful World of Vlogging

In this episode of TMG Unfiltered, Kat and Dev discuss their thoughts on a popular form of content on YouTube known as “Vlogs”. They share why they think it’s so popular, what makes a good vlog, and the dangers of vlogging.


Episode 5: A Love/Hate Relationship with Social Media

On this episode of TMG Unfiltered, Kat and Dev explore the world of social media. It is an incredibly powerful and beneficial form of communication, but can also be quite dangerous. The discussion explores the positives, the negatives, the question of authenticity, and what the future might hold.



Episode 6: The Chronicles of Women on YouTube

What’s it like to be a woman on YouTube? Is the future of YouTube female? As two women who run a YouTube channel and spend a fair amount of time watching YouTube, we couldn’t ignore the conversation surrounding the difference between how women are represented compared to men.


Episode 7: How to Not Suck at Cooking

We compare our very different perspectives and skill levels when it comes to cooking. For anyone who struggles with cooking, we share how to get past failures in the kitchen and learn to love making food.


Episode 8: The Millennial Job Market

Is the gig economy a good thing? Will we ever get benefits? What skills does it really take to thrive these days? We have an honest and optimistic conversation on the current state of the job market and the changing employment circumstances that millennials are facing.


Episode 9: Hacks for Developing Your Photography Style

In an Instagram world, how can you make your photos stand out? It’s simple; style. But easier said than done. We share some of our tips and what we’ve learned about photography over the years.


Episode 10: The Truth About A Vegan Social Life

Does going vegan make it harder to have a social life? Can you still have a social life at all if you go vegan? We discuss how our social lives are impacted by being vegan and how to navigate certain social situations so that you don’t have to give up your social life.


Episode 11: On the Road to Sustainability ft. Sustainabus

We discuss what it means to live sustainably and how to do so with Erik and Michael from Sustainabus. Together they are converting an old school bus into a completely sustainable tiny home to drive from Alaska to Argentina.


Episode 12: Myths & Misconceptions- Veganism Edition

Whether you are a vegan, know a vegan, or have heard of veganism, you’ve probably developed some perception of what vegans are like based on things you’ve heard. Exaggerations and stereotypes are common, but how do we address those and inspire a more positive perception? Hint, we think food is the answer.


Episode 13: The Struggle to Unplug and Unwind

Busy is a blessing, but burnout is real. Taking breaks is essential when you’ve got a lot on the go or find yourself getting too addicted to your phone and social media. We discuss how technology, culture, and personality all play a role in getting burnt out and how to recover from it.


Episode 14: Fitness for Dummies

Some real talk about incorporating fitness into your life when you’re not a workout guru. We know it’s important to be active, but we also know it’s hard as hell to turn it into a habit, so we share our honest and simple tips for getting your butt to the gym and learning to enjoy it.


Episode 15: Food Blog Side Hustles ft. Plant Based Kristy & Love Wild Live Free

Vegan food bloggers Kristy LaPointe from Plant Based Kristy and Avra Epstein from Love Wild Live Free join us for an open discussion about managing a blog as a side hustle, imposter syndrome, navigating the vegan community, and the future of social media.


Episode 16: Is pie better than cake? TMG Unfiltered Q&A Edition

Are aliens vegan? Have we ever dined and dashed? What’s our favourite food to cook? Get to know us a bit better as we answer a bunch of randomly generated questions.


Episode 17: Vegan Kitchen Essentials

Cooking and creating delicious vegan dishes becomes so much easier when you have the right tools to do it. We discuss the items every vegan kitchen needs, as well as the things that are just nice to have.


Episode 18: How to Survive Vegan Food Festivals

We don’t mess around at food festivals, it’s serious business. We try to experience as much new food as possible while still watching our budget and conquering the crowds. These are our pro tips!


Episode 19: Travel Tips for Vegans

Travelling as a vegan can be lots of fun because you get to explore all the local vegan options available in different places. But it can also be overwhelming at times! We put together some vegan travel tips to help with everything from navigating airport food, to discovering local vegan products.


Episode 20: How We Really Feel About Being Canadian

From common Canadian stereotypes to the things we’d change about our country, we talk all things Canada in honour of Canada Day.


Episode 21: Grocery Shopping Horrors and Hacks

When it comes to grocery shopping, we have a love/hate relationship with it. Sometimes it’s a lot of fun, other times it just brings out the worst in everyone. We share some of our tips and how to limit the bad trips.


Episode 22: Confessions of Two Junk Food Vegans

Veganism is not always about eating healthy. There’s plenty of vegan junk food out there and we love to indulge. Sometimes there’s guilt associated with eating unhealthy food, but we still do and we’re sharing how we maintain balance instead of ignoring our cravings.


Episode 23: The Beyond Meat Burger and Being the “Perfect” Vegan

We discuss the mixed opinions regarding A&W’s nation-wide release of the Beyond Burger in Canada and why the pressure of being the perfect vegan is dangerous to the progress of the vegan movement.


Episode 24: Plastic Free Problems

On this episode, we share how we’ve been making changes to reduce our plastic waste and what struggles we’ve encountered as we incorporate more reusable items into our every day routines.


Episode 25: In the News: Parkdale vs Vegandale, and Kalel vs Vegans

We share our thoughts on some current vegan headlines. A neighbourhood in Toronto known as Parkdale has been rallying against a vegan chain of businesses that call themselves Vegandale, who also have some strongly worded branding that is rubbing some vegans the wrong way. Then, YouTuber and well-known vegan Kalel advocated against perfectionism in veganism by admitting her weaknesses and struggle to feel a part of the community. Her message was met with some support and a lot of criticism.


Episode 26: How to Cottage with Non-Vegans

Going to a cottage or lake house can be one of the most relaxing vacations to take, but navigating the menu when it’s a mix of vegans and non-vegans can sometimes be troublesome. The good news is we’ve done it before and we’re sharing some tips to help ensure things go smoothly.


Episode 27: How We Grew Our Channel to 5k Subs in 1 Year

What does it take to grow a YouTube channel? It’s simple; hard work and determination. But sometimes there can be downsides to a channel growing too large. We share why we love being a small channel and what our goals are for the future of Two Market Girls.


Episode 28: Special Edition: Would You Rather? Episode

Would you rather give up vegan cheese for the rest of your life or give up… Well you’ll just have to listen to find out as we play a game of Would You Rather?


Episode 29: How to Host a Party with Non-Vegans

So you wanna have a dinner party but not all your friends are vegan? It can be tricky figuring out how to please everyone, but we shared some tips for making it work.


Episode 30: Craziest Hypothetical Questions Vegans Get Asked

It seems like everyone’s favourite game to play with vegans is the hypothetical questions game. What you eat meat if… We share some of the strangest questions we’ve been asked, as well as some tips for answering them.


Episode 31: How to Get Started with Videography and Photography for Food Blogging

We love making videos and shooting photos just as much as we love eating delicious food, but how did we get started doing what we do? We’re sharing our tips for beginners, what we’ve learned, and our biggest struggles.


Episode 32: Food Blog Photo and Video Editing for Beginners

Continuing our conversation on creating content for food blogs. This time we’re diving into the editing side of food photography and videography. What editing softwares we use, our typical work flow, and tips for beginners.


Episode 33: Extremely Unfiltered Q&A with The Viet Vegan and Meat Free Athlete

While enjoying a cottage weekend away with our vegan squad we took some time to do a Q&A discussion featuring Lisa from The Viet Vegan and Anne-Marie from Meat Free Athlete. It doesn’t get more unfiltered than this.


Episode 34: TMG Debates – Which season is best?

Kat is a fall/winter person, Dev is a spring/summer person. It’s an ongoing debate between them over which season is better. On this episode, they’re hashing it out and debating their opposing opinions.