Years ago being vegan was rare. Many people did not even know what the word meant. However now in 2018, veganism is a fairly common lifestyle to come across. Because of it’s growth over the years the amount and variety of resources is also growing. When Katherine first went vegan, she was doing it blindly. She didn’t have anyone telling her about the necessity of B12 or the fact that you can get protein from plant-based sources. It took months for her to realize tofu could taste absolutely amazing when cooked properly, or that there was such a thing as vegan pizza, and that it would taste so good. Now there are so many amazing resources for vegans, and we are both glad to see it.

Since there are so many resources now, we enter a different problem. Which ones are good? How do you find them all? What is each good for? That’s where our resource page comes in! Along with our new blog section called ‘How to Vegan‘ we’ve complied a list of all our favourite vegan resources, from amazing YouTubers to binge-worthy films.

We would love to know if we are missing any amazing resources. Be sure to contact us with some of your favourite vegan resources and why.




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