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It’s that time of year again. VEG FOOD FEST TIME! This year marks the festivals 32nd year in Toronto and it is bigger and better! Every year Toronto hosts one of the biggest all vegan food festival in North America. It features amazing (mostly) local food, clothing, beauty and service vendors. Its the best way to introduce yourself to all things vegan! This was Katherine’s third time at the festival, while it was Devin’s first time. We ate, we drank and we had an impromptu dessert picnic with Hot For Food’s Lauren and John.


We arrived on Sunday around noon and did a quick walk around. The festival was a lot bigger than it was the years before and we quickly became overwhelmed. We started to wander around a look at our options. We started off with a delicious vegan hot dog from Gusta. Topped our hot dog with sauerkraut and paprika mayo. The flavour was great, the texture wasn’t perfect but better than we’ve had before. We’d absolutely recommend this as a summertime essential.




We did another wander and decided to divide and conquer. We went our separate ways to find our savoury taste test subjects. From Parka we got their mushroom truffle mac and cheese and from Apiecalypse Now we got their white walker pizza slice, apple sage sausage roll and chipotle sausage roll. Our hands down favourite was the mushroom truffle mac and cheese. The flavour was out of this world. Both of us agreed that we could have this dish everyday for the rest of our lives. We disagreed on the the sausage rolls.



Dessert was up next! We split up once again to hunt down our desserts. We went big this time with tonnes of different varieties and vendors. Cold brew was also an important addition to our dessert. We tried two, Two Bears Cold Brew Hazelnut & Sea Salt and Through Being Cool. We were not a fan of the Two Bears Hazelnut, we really wanted their Cacao Cold Brew but they were sold out. Sadly the Hazelnut was not for us. We were also joined by vegan extraordinaires Lauren Toyota and John Diemer from Hot For Food, for an amazing dessert taste test. Check out our vlog for the details!


Overall Veg Food Fest was a great experience and an awesome way to start this crazy journey we are on. We already can’t wait for next year! Before we go we do have our recommendations for you! Even though the festival is over, use this recommendation list to tailor your visits next year!

Best Savoury: Parka’s Mushroom Truffle Mac n’ Cheese

Best Drink: Through Being Cool Vegan Bakery’s Lemonade

Best Dessert(s): Bloomer’s Wild Blueberry Donut & Apiecalypse Now’s Vanilla Dunkaroo

Best Random: Earth Island’s Vegan Cheddar Slices


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