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TMG Reviews: 15 Minute Vegan by Katy Beskow

Meals done in 15 minutes? We are so here for this. If you know us, you know that we are pretty busy people. Between running and growing Two Market Girls, work or school and general social life; we do not have much time in between for meals. So when we read the title of this book we were instantly intrigued. Then once we did a quick flip through we were in love. How could food that looked that good be made in only 15 minutes!? We were in shock and probably disbelief. So we tested some of the recipes.

There are many reasons that we love this cookbook, but first we want to explain what we look for in a cookbook. Honestly the most important thing in our opinion is pictures. Pictures help visualize what a recipe is supposed to look like and help people decide if they want to make a recipe. In our opinion a picture actually can help assist with the making of the recipe.

We also look at the organization of the recipes; what kind of categories are used and if the recipes are evenly divided amongst the categories. We look at the language and personality of the writing because so much a cookbook is how it is written. Lastly we look at the variety of recipes, we look to see what kind of recipes are offered and if they would interest a wide range of people.

Katy Beskow is the author behind 15 Minute Vegan and blog Little Miss Meat Free. She lives in Yorkshire where she is a cook, food writer and “cookery” tutor. She is an expert in quick and easy recipes that don’t exactly look quick and easy. Seriously, when we first flipped through the book we could not believe that any of the recipes could be made in 15 minutes or less. Well they can, and they are delicious.


We tested three recipes from this book. The first we made was obviously the morning cookies, because why would we not make cookies first? Long story short, we are seriously obsessed with these cookies. Not only are they probably the easiest things to make, but they are also super delicious and satisfying. And yes, they can be made in less than 15 minutes. We make these cookies in a big batch at the beginning of every week and they are the most perfect breakfast snack.

The second recipe we tested was the sweetcorn chowder, because we had our serious doubts that it could be made in 15 minutes and we love a good soup. This recipe is everything we wanted it to be; perfectly smokey, flavourful and filling. This soup seriously tastes like it has been cooking for hours with the amazing deep flavour profile it has. If you love soup, you will love this recipe. Especially on those colder nights where all you want is something warm and comforting.

Finally we made the butternut squash and sage macaroni, because anything that involves carbs and squash we are all here for. This recipe is perfectly creamy and flavourful, everything you would want from a macaroni recipe. The perfect comfort food for those nights that you want something indulgent but don’t have the time to put into a two hour dish. These recipes all blew us away and we cannot wait to test more of them.


This cookbook is organized into five chapters; breakfast, light bites, mains, sweet stuff and essentials. We particularly like the way this book is organized because it is simple, doesn’t have too many chapters yet it still covers pretty much anything you would need. As to the variety of the recipes, this book definitely gets an A+! From a wide range of options like sweet and savoury healthy and less healthy, to a wide range of cuisines. Seriously in this book you can learn how to make everything from breakfast burritos to red coconut bisque to pita pizzas to tempura vegetables to lime and coconut syllabub. How could you not want to make all those?


We really enjoyed the way this book was written. Katy was able to add so much of her personality into this book, especially in the introduction and information pages. It’s as if you are reading her blog, just in print form. We really loved the little blurbs she wrote about each recipe. They added that little bit extra to each page. The photography in this book is beautiful. We absolutely love the simple and bright backgrounds that really let the food be the star of the photo. Every picture has your eyes going straight to the most delicious looking recipe. The only thing we wish we had was more. We are big fans of photos for every recipe and this one doesn’t give that, however there are not many that don’t have photos which makes it easy to get used to.


So did we love this cookbook? If you can’t tell by now, duh, of course we did! The photos in this book are beautifully done, all the recipes are organized logically, easy to follow and delicious, and Katy’s personality oozes out of every recipe. The only thing we wished we had more of are the beautiful pictures. This cookbook is the perfect book for those busy individuals that want delicious recipes but don’t have the time to devote hours in the kitchen. Don’t forget to pick up your copy of 15 Minute Vegan so you to can enjoy deliciousness in 15 minutes or less.

We are also excited to announce that Katy will do her cookery magic for yet another cookbook! Be sure to follow her on all her socials to get all the latest updates on her upcoming cookbook; 15 Minute Vegan Comfort Food. This cookbook is already released in the UK and will be released in Canada and USA later this year.

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