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8 Vegan Food Swaps

Being vegan is easier than it has ever been. Not only are recipes getting better and better, but accessibility is increasing and the options are abundant. We love seeing all the vegan love happening around the world and people embrace the plant-based lifestyle. However we know that not everyone can go vegan overnight. In fact we really don’t recommend you go vegan overnight. We’ll always recommend taking your time to do the necessary research and make changes as slowly as you need to. That’s why we created this list of 8 vegan food swaps to kick-start your vegan journey. Whether you make them all now or pick one and go from there, every little bit helps.

Non-dairy milks are abundant!

Switch up your dairy milk with the now easy to find non-dairy milk alternatives. There are so many incredible options to choose from. Our personal favourites are soy and almond milk. But don’t fret if neither of those are your thing, you can also find coconut, cashew, oat, hemp, chickpea and just about everything else you didn’t know you could milk. Can’t find a non-dairy alternative? Why not try making your own? Check out this non-dairy milk guide.

Vegan cheese is getting better and better everyday.

We’ll be the first to admit that vegan cheese has a ways to go. However that being said it has also made leaps and bounds from where it was just five years ago. There are some incredible options that even dairy cheese eaters can tell the difference. Looking for a good american cheese for your burger? We love Earth Island (or Follow Your Heart in USA) cheddar slices. Daiya’s new cutting board shreds are leagues above their old recipe and local favourites Nuts for Cheese and Stokes Vegan Cheese are always winners. Plus we even have an incredible recipe for a nacho cheese dip on our blog.

Wait, this burger is VEGAN!?

That’s right, even meat eaters can’t believe how good vegan burgers are now. Thanks to companies like Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods, Lightlife and Yves having a good vegan burger is easier than ever. If you’re in Canada you can even find great options when on the go. Tim Hortons, Aroma Espresso and A&W Canada all have the Beyond Meat burger! Plus if you’re a Harvey’s lover like this Canadian is, they also have an incredible vegan burger option that’s their own patty.

Mayo, it literally tastes the exact same. 

The title says it all, it literally tastes the same. In fact I actually like mayo more now than I ever did before. Big shoutout to my go to Earth Island‘s Veganaise, but Hellman’s also has a great option. You could even try making your own from aquafaba or straight up oil if you want to.

Protein isn’t just a meat thing. 

That’s right protein can be found abundantly in plants! Instead of chicken or beef why not try a plant-based alternative? Tofu and tempeh are constants in our fridge drawers. But don’t worry if they’re not your thing, you can also get a ton of protein in beans, some grains, nuts, seeds and even some vegetables. Be sure to do some research on how you can get an adequate amount of protein on a vegan diet and work around what you like best. We love Dr. Pamela RD for all our nutritional information when it comes to vegan living.

Butter ain’t just for the dairy lovers anymore. 

There are great vegan butter and margarine options on the market now that are generally widely available. Try Becel’s vegan margarine for a great low-cost alternative, or try out anything by Earth Balance for a more butter-like taste and texture. Or skip the butter alternatives all together and try using coconut oil instead.

Vegan delivery has arrived. 

Five years ago trying to order vegan delivery was next to impossible. Now you can order something vegan just about anywhere. Our go-to’s are pizza (with dairy-free cheese), Chinese, Thai or sushi. Be sure to reach ingredients carefully or call the restaurant and ask to confirm. Plus most delivery apps now have the ability to search vegan options throughout the app – it really helps narrowing down your options.

A vegan sweet treat exists and it’s delicious.

If you’ve gone down the ice cream aisle within the last year you know just how many vegan options are available now. In addition to the all vegan companies offering delicious flavours, just about every major ice cream brand also offers a dairy-free alternative.


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