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A Vegan’s Guide to AYCE Sushi

Going out to eat as a vegan can be difficult. It seems that everyone can find a way to sneak dairy, meat or eggs into just about anything. Lucky for us vegans there are a few cuisines that are better than others. One of our personal favourites is sushi. Japanese food in general doesn’t contain much dairy or egg, which means all we have to look out for is meat and fish. But how do you know what to choose? We’ve got the best Vegan Guide to AYCE Sushi below.

Did we miss something? Let us know if there’s something we should be adding to our Vegan Guide to AYCE Sushi.

Vegan Appetizers/Sides

Edamame – A classic. Edamame is both sweet and salty and the perfect start to your all-you-can-eat adventure. Unless your local sushi restaurant is doing something weird with edamame, this should always be vegan.

Miso Soup – This will most likely be vegan, but double check with your server what kinds of broths it’s made with.

Seaweed Salad – A favourite. It’s a unique flavour with a burst of freshness. This should always be vegan.

Mango Salad – This may not be at every sushi restaurant, but if it’s there it should be safe to eat.

Spring Rolls – Whether in rice paper or fried, vegans should be good to enjoy. However it may be fried in the same oil as any fish or meats they have so if this bothers you ask your server.

Agedashi Tofu – A popular appetizer at many Japanese restaurants. The tofu is lightly dusted with potato starch and deep fried. The tofu is served in a dashi broth with a couple garnishes. One of my personal favourites because of its simplicity.

Gyoza – Double check on the filling as they do often have meat. If you’re lucky you’ll find a vegetable gyoza on the menu though!

Avocado Salad – Who can resist a good avocado salad anyway?

Vegan Sushi

Cucumber Roll – Simple yet delicious; just nori, sticky rice and cucumber.

Avocado Roll – Again, who can resist? Same as above, just avocado instead of cucumber.

Oshinko Roll – One of Kat’s personal favourites – a Japanese pickled radish (often daikon) in a roll of rice and nori.

Shiitake Roll – Sauteed shiitake mushrooms encompassed by sticky rice and nori.

Cucumber & Avocado Roll – Always vegan.

Inari – Kat’s favourite ever. Sushi rice stuffed in a salty and sweet fried tofu pouch. Super simple, yet super delicious.

Avocado Hand Roll – The same as the maki counterpart, just the nori is rolled into a cone.

Cucumber Hand Roll –┬áThe same as the maki counterpart, just the nori is rolled into a cone.

Vegetable Dragon Roll – Less common, but you may find it on the menu at select sushi restaurants. Just make sure there’s no hidden fish inside!

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