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If you didn’t know already, we’re Canadian, more specifically from the Toronto area. We love living here because it has become such a hub for entrepreneurs and small business. There is no block in Toronto where you won’t find small business – often family run businesses. In Toronto, it’s especially true for vegan businesses. We are blessed to be in a city that has a booming vegan scene, both in restaurants and consumer products.

canadian local products sweets from the earth
photo c/o Sweets From the Earth

Sweets From The Earth – Toronto, ON

Founded in 2002, this all-natural vegan bakery dishes out delicious handmade baked goods using the best plant-based ingredients. With two different bakeries that cater to different allergens, this bakery is perfect for any diet. Baked goods are made either their dairy, egg, sesame, peanut, and nut free facility or their dairy, egg, wheat, and gluten free facility. They also offer their products in many grocery stores around the GTA.

Our vegan favourites: We LOVE the chocolate cake and blueberry cheesecake.

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Rescue Dogs – St. Catherine’s, ON

Canada’s first all vegan hot dog cart founded in St. Catherine’s, but now operating in Hamilton, ON. All their products are specially made from scratch and 100% delicious. Using ingredients that are locally sourced, you can trust that you’re getting delicious food every single time. They now offer their products in select stores around the GTA.

Our vegan favourites: Maple Breakfast Banger, cause breakfast.

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Yam Chops – Toronto, ON

Toronto’s only plant-based butcher shop. You read that right. Find delicious plant-based proteins like tunaless “tuna” salad and ground beet burgers. Plus you’ll also find an awesome vegan grocery store there too! Bonus points: they have an online store. Keep an eye out around Canada, they are planning to add franchises.

Our vegan favourites: Szechuan “Beef” and Pulled “Pork”

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All Yum – Toronto, ON

It’s in the name really – these chips are all yum. Not just any chips, these onion chips come in three different flavours and pack a serious punch of flavour. Made in Toronto and slowly growing. They can be found a select grocery stores, if you don’t see them at yours put in a suggestion to the management!

Our vegan favourites: Ranch Onion Chips

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Main Vegan Deli – Glencoe, ON

In a mission for better vegan cheese, owner Helen created Main Vegan Deli. They have an array of delicious vegan cheese and mock meats, perfect for any vegan. Find them in select stores across the GTA.

Our vegan favourites: Vegan Cheddah for great taste and texture.

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Pur – Toronto, ON

They started with aspartame free gum and have since grown to become a household name featuring an array of different snacks. They offer simple substitutions for everyone’s favourite snacks without sacrificing quality.

Our vegan favourites: If you like gum, you’ll love theirs. Also their sea salt popcorn is delicious.

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photo c/o Tonica Kombucha

Tonica – Toronto, ON

One of our favourite kombucha companies because of their vast flavours. Started in 2008 by founder Zoey Shamai, this kombucha is the OG for Toronto. Featuring delicious flavours like green tea and ginger. Find them in most major retailers around Toronto, GTA, and some across Canada. PS. They even have their own DIY kombucha kit you can buy!

Our vegan favourites: Blueberry is definitely one of our favourites, but we also love the classic Green Tea.

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Nomz – Toronto, ON

The perfect healthy and refined sugar free snack. With four different flavours, these energy balls are the perfect mid-afternoon snack. Find them in select stores around the GTA, but be sure to request that our grocery store carry them because they’re amazing.

Our vegan favourites: Hazelnut or Pistachio flavours!

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New Moon Kitchen – Toronto, ON

With a focus on allergen friendly baking these baked goods are surprisingly delicious. Whether you have a wheat sensitivity, require gluten free foods, have nut, peanut or egg allergies, are lactose intolerant, vegan, or keep kosher – they’ve got your back.

Our vegan favourites: Ginger Snap Cookies are EVERYTHING

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Monkey Butter – Toronto, ON

Complete with a crazy amount of flavours and many seasonal varities, Monkey Butter makes our favourite peanut butters. From Gingerbread to S’mores and Smoky “Bacon”, there is a flavour for everyone. Not all their flavours are vegan, but a lot of them are. Just be sure to ask if it’s vegan before you buy.

Our vegan favourites: Citrus Pistachio, Gingerbread, and Smoky “Bacon”.

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