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8 Cookbooks You Need in Your Life

8 Cookbooks you need in your life right now, as we all cook more at home.

Everyone’s been cooking at home a lot more lately, which means a reliance on Pinterest and cookbooks. Lucky for you, we’re sharing the cookbooks that we’ve been relying on lately.

Disclaimer: Not all the cookbooks in this list our plant-based, we use many of the cookbooks in this list as inspiration and for flavour building tips/ideas.

Flavour Bible

flavour bible cookbook

by Andrew Dornenburg, Karen Page | $52.00 CAD

The best book a home cook could buy! When developing recipes or simply making dinner this book is almost always open. This book may not have recipes, but it does have a long list of ingredients and the flavours that pair well with them. So whether you have an ingredient in your fridge you need to use up or you want to try something new, this book is the key to building recipes with layers of flavour that work.

The First Mess Cookbook

the first mess vegan cookbook

by Laura Wright | $35.00 CAD

One of our favourite plant-based cookbooks the rely on the deliciousness of whole foods and fresh produce. We love mock meats, but when we’re looking for a recipe that highlights veggies we reach for The First Mess Cookbook. Some of our favourite recipes include; Cookies for Breakfast, Tandoori-Rubbed Portobellos, Vegetable and Bean Pot Pie, and more.

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Vegan on a Budget

vegan on a budget cookbook

by Olivia Biermann (aka Liv B) | $29.95 CAD

We love the simplicity of this book. Often in the plant-based community you can feel pressure to make everything from scratch. This book is proof why you don’t. It’s okay to buy store-bought non-dairy cheeses, mock meats and anything else that makes your plant-based cooking easy. This book is filled with easy-to-make, delicious plant-based recipes perfect for everyone.

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How Baking Works

how baking works top cookbook

Paula Figoni | $83.99 CAD

As Kat sets out to gain some more knowledge in baking and cooking, she bought this book and LOVES it. Packed full of information, if you have any interest in baking and how it works you will love this book.

Oh She Glows

oh she glows vegan cookbook

by Angela Liddon | $32.00 CAD

Angela Liddon was the original inspiration for Kat going plant-based. Her recipes are approachable, delicious and super easy-to-make. When looking for a no-fail, crowd pleasing recipe look no further.

Sweet Potato Soul Cookbook

sweet potato soul vegan cookbook

by Jenne Claiborne | $25.99 CAD

Newly added to this list, we recently tried this book in a cookbook review and are honestly obsessed. It even inspired us to cook with sweet potatoes more! Packed full of comfort food classics, you can’t go wrong with any of these filling meals. We LOVED the Jalapeno Hush Puppies and Sweet Potato Donuts.

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Vegan Comfort Classics

top cookbook vegan comfort classics

by Lauren Toyota (aka Hot for Food) | $29.95 CAD

This book will never not be on one of our favourite cookbook lists. Lauren seriously has a way with vegan food, especially comfor b t food. Some of our favourite recipes include; Buffalo Cauliflower Sandwich, Hot Buffalo Chicken Dip and Apple Fritters.

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The Budget Friendly Vegan Cookbook

the budget friendly vegan cookbook

by Ally Lazare | $24.50 CAD

A staple in both of our households right now. To say we’re obsessed with this cookbook is and understatement. Packed full of recipes using MANY different plant-based proteins. So if you’re not a faux meat fan, don’t worry because this cook book has recipes using beans, tofu and more! Some of our favourite recipes include; Tofu Egg Salad Sandwiches, Secret Ingredient Chocolate Brownies, Sweet Chili Mango Tofu, Cream of Mushroom Soup and more.

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