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Creamy Mashed Potatoes with Crispy Topper

Creamy Mashed Potatoes with vegan sour cream and butter, and topped with a delicious panko, potato chip crispy topping. 

No matter what the occasion, potatoes always seem to find a way onto the table. They’re filling, versatile and utterly delicious. That’s why for this holiday season, were taking our potato game up a notch with TWO absolutely delicious sides that your holiday dinner cannot go with out. This Creamy Mashed Potatoes with Crispy Topping will literally change the way you look at mashed potatoes. Say good by the plain old boring tater, and hello flavour bombs. Mashed potatoes not your thing? Check out our second side, Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes, for the perfect ooey, gooey feeling everyone wants.

creamy mashed potatoes

We’ve always been a sucker for some delicious creamy mashed potatoes. However there are a lot of different ways to make them and not all are created equal. For us the perfect creamy mashed potatoes come down to four main things.

What makes perfectly creamy mashed potatoes:

  • Perfectly cooked potatoes – you want to make sure you’re cooking them until their soft, but you still want some texture in there.
  • Butter – potatoes aren’t the most flavourful vegetable out there and butter adds a lot of delicious flavour, so don’t skimp on this one.
  • Sour Cream – for the ultimate creamy, silky-smooth texture sour cream is your answer!

creamy mashed potatoes

When it comes to the holidays, people tend to get stuck in traditions. Not that they’re a bad thing, but it’s good to remind ourselves to try something new every once in a while. That’s why we wanted to take some traditional holiday sides and give them a little TMG twist. We promise you this Creamy Mashed Potatoes recipe is better than any other you’ll come across. The potatoes are tender, but still have texture and with the addition of butter and vegan sour cream you can guarantee the ultimate creaminess. Inspired by Bon Appetite, we even created a delicious crunchy topping for ALL THE TEXTURE. A simple addition, that creates such a unique tasting experience. Long story short, it’s a game changer.

creamy mashed potatoes

How to make the ultimate crunchy topping:

  • Chips – The key ingredient to a delicious and salty topping that holds onto flavour.
  • Crispy Onions – When are crispy onions even not a good thing?
  • Smoked Paprika – Choose your favourite spice, in our case smoked paprika. Add spices brings the flavour factor up so many notches.
  • Parsley – You always need a nice fresh component to any recipe.
  • Panko – We really don’t think we need to explain this one.

If we haven’t convinced you to try this recipe, we honestly don’t know what will. So just try it.

Creamy Mashed Potatoes with Crispy Topper

Creamy mashed potatoes topped with a flavourful crispy topper for the perfect crunch factor.
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Course: Side Dish
Cuisine: Holiday
Servings: 8 servings


Creamy Mashed Potatoes

  • 2.5 lbs. (1082 g) mini potatoes, quartered
  • 240 g (1 cup) sour cream
  • 112 g (1/2 cup) butter
  • salt and pepper, to taste

Crispy Topper

  • 42 g (3 tbsp) vegan butter
  • 21 g (3 cloves) garlic, minced
  • 90 g (1 cup) panko breadcrumbs
  • 40 g (1/2 cup) crispy onions
  • 17 g (1/2 cup) potato chips, crushed
  • 12 g (3 tbsp) parsley, chopped
  • 7 g (1 tbsp) smoked paprika


  • Bring a medium sized pot of water to a boil on medium-high heat. Salt water generously.
  • Quarter potatoes and place in water. Cook until fork tender, drain and set aside.
  • To make the crispy topper, melt butter over medium heat in a pan. Add panko, crispy onions, chips and garlic - cook for 3 minute stirring often. Sprinkle in smoked paprika and toss. Cook until crispy and golden brown, about 5-6 minutes. Finally stir in parsley and remove from heat.
  • Gently mash your potatoes until just broken up. Add sour cream, butter and salt & pepper to taste. Mash until desired consistency.
  • Add to serving bowl and top with your crispy topping.

How to make Creamy Mashed Potatoes with Crispy Topping:






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