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Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping

The holidays are about love and happiness – but a big part of them is also gifts. We’re in this place where we are both trying to a be more eco-friendly however wrapping gifts is fairly wasteful. We understand that it can be difficult to convince everyone to suddenly not buy gifts. It has been such a big part of the holidays for decades, that erasing it is just not an option. However if you can find a way to make it a little more green, maybe we can help save the world a little bit.

We did a deep dive into the internet and our own creativity and came up with fun solutions that would be less wasteful. Did we miss one? Let us know on social!

Canvas Bags

Canvas bags are getting more and more popular. Not just used for grocery shopping anymore, they seem to be available for all occasions. We’re taking them a step further – wrap your gifts in them! You could get some festive ones or simply ones you know the recipient will love. The best part about this idea is that the bag can be used in the future!

Newspaper/Packing Paper

Why buy wrapping paper when it’s delivered straight to your door every day? Do a little up-cycling and use the daily newspaper to wrap your gifts. If you have some time on your hands you could even wrap strategically by picking sections of the paper the gift recipient would relate to. You could even use some of that packing paper if you have it laying around – like I did! You could even dress it up with some twine and pine, or maybe even a little paint.

Reuse Bags & Wrapping Paper

We like using gift bags because they still allow you to be creative and expressive on the outside but you can reuse them as much as you’d like – well until they rip. If you’re buying decent bags they should last a few years. Kat’s boyfriend’s mum even reuses her gift wrapping. As long as you unwrap carefully, gift wrapping can be used a few times. This really helps limit them amount of waste you have each year.

Electronic Gifts

Why not buy electronically this year? Who needs a physical gift anyways, almost anything can be bought and used online. Thing about buying someone a book? Why not go with an ebook? Gift cards are always appreciated as well, that way each recipient can purchase exactly what they want.

Fabric Wrapping

Pick out some of your favourite fabric and make your own wrapping paper. Be even more eco-friendly and try finding cool secondhand clothing to wrap gifts in. Thrift stores are seriously our favourite places. You could find some decorative table cloths or napkins that would also make perfect wrappings.

Don’t Wrap

When in doubt, just don’t wrap! Who needs to wrap anyways? Afterall it’s the present that everyone is excited about, not the gift wrapping.


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