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five kitchen decor tips

Kitchen decor can completely change a home. I love my kitchen. It’s the room I spend the most time in, and my personal favourite. I’ve spent a lot of time organizing, decorating, and of course reorganizing since I  moved in two years ago. I have rearranged my kitchen pretty much every two months since that day. Seriously, my boyfriend jokes about not knowing where anything is in his own kitchen, however I’m pretty he actually doesn’t.

For those of you that don’t know I have a fairly small kitchen, it’s the one we film in. It may seem bigger on camera, but I promise you it’s teeny. In that tiny kitchen I somehow manage to cram in a lot of things. I’ll admit it, I’m a kitchen appliance junky. With the addition of photo props and a crazy amount of ingredients, it can easily feel cluttered. My small kitchen has been a big challenge, that has taken me over two years to beat. That brings us to today. A time that I finally feel like my kitchen is at a point where everything is in the right place. Here’s what worked for me.

kitchen decor


I am totally obsessed with open shelves. They open up your space and allow light to really flow through. As someone who loves to show off some of the stuff I have in my kitchen, open shelving also allows for the perfect place for those display worthy items. Displaying your kitchen items makes your kitchen feel more personal.

I was able to design my space with a couple of open shelves, however if you are renting you can still get that open shelf look without the renovation. Simply remove some cabinet doors and voila, you have open shelves.



A room feels so much better and home-y when plants are involved. I don’t know about you, but having a vase full of fresh tulips on the table instantly puts a smile on my face. Even if you don’t want flowers simply adding some potted plants or herbs brings life to your kitchen. Plus keep fresh herbs around is never a bad idea.

kitchen decor


I have some expensive kitchen tools and appliances in my kitchen and I am proud of them, so why not show them off. Not only am I proud of them, but that are also an awesome piece of decor because they are pretty. So if you have a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer or perhaps a hand-me-down tea pot, be sure to put that on your counter and display it.



Add some personal touches to your kitchen, that’s what people are going to love about it. For me that means showing off my cookbooks because they add an amazing pop of colour and art, but they are so useful. For my boyfriend that meant hanging some masks because he has a big collection of them. These two small additions to our kitchen really makes it feel like home, and not just a random kitchen we rent.

kitchen decor


A lot of kitchens have a hard floor, whether it’s hardwood or tile, it can be pretty rough on your feet and back especially if you are in your kitchen a lot. We put a cute rug that we found at Ikea at the foot of our sink in order to take some pressure off our feet and back. This addition also added warmth to the space and tied everything together so perfectly. Now I cannot imagine a kitchen without the warm comfort of a rug.


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