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Ultimate 2018 Food Festival Guide

The summer typically marks the start of food festival season (our favourite season). Full festivals of delicious food begging to be eaten, how can you go wrong? We are lucky enough to live in (or around) Toronto which has abundant food festivals – specifically vegan food festivals!

We haven’t been to them all (there’s a lot) but have been to a few and know that each food festival brings its own uniqueness and special quality. That’s why we wanted to provide you a list of the vegan food festivals we’re looking forward to this year.


Veg Food Fest

September 7-9th – Toronto, Ontario

Hands down our favourite festival. There are three main reasons we love this festival – (1) it’s huge, (2) there is a lot to do, and (3) it’s FREE! Veg Food Fest is North America’s biggest vegan food festival (high five, Toronto) – and it’s only growing bigger and bigger every year. Enjoy delicious food, vegan shopping, panels, cooking demos, live music, and so much more all while you stuff your face.

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The Sustainable Block Party + Pop-Up Market

July 7th – Toronto, Ontario

Vegan Social Events is back with another amazing event – this time all about sustainability. Come out for an all day event hosted outside the Organic Garage, Junction location. The day will be filled with delicious food, sustainable shopping, guest speakers, and a HUGE raffle. Learn just how easy it is to live a sustainable life.

KW VegFest

July 7th – Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario

Kitchener-Waterloo is putting on their very first veg fest (we’re taking over)! KW is bringing local vegan vendors including food, clothing, animal sanctuaries, speakers, and more to downtown Kitchener. We’re excited to see them bringing their awesome vegan business at the forefront for a wonderful festival

Muskoka VegFest

August 11th – Huntsville, Ontario

We love cottage country and when we heard that Muskoka was putting on their very first vegan food festival, you know we made sure we were free that day. The perfect excuse for a cottage weekend. This plant-based festival celebrates all things conscious living, wellness, and sustainability.

Vegandale Food & Drink

August 11-12th – Toronto, Ontario

We’ve been to this one a couple times and have some mixed feelings. We chose to include it because it does offer a full day of delicious vegan food and a lot of vendors from out of town. If you’re looking for delicious food that you can’t get in Toronto, you’ll love this festival. Drawbacks include; no entertainment (where’s the cooking demos and panel talks at!?) and it costs money to go. Not only do the plates cost a pretty penny, you then have to purchase a ticket on top of that, just to have the opportunity to spend more money.

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Uxbridge VegFest

August 19th – Uxbridge, Onatrio

Another first veg fest (seriously, we’re taking over)! So now you can enjoy delicious vegan food while surrounded by rescue animals. Stuff your face while enjoying live music, speakers, demos, feeding cows (ahhh!), activities for the whole family, hay wagon rides, and more! Will take place at Farmhouse Garden Animal Home.

VegFest Guelph

September 22nd – Guelph, Ontario

A small group of dedicated volunteers were the force behind this amazing festival. Looking to promote veganism in a fun way, the festival invites vegans, vegan-curious, and those looking for delicious food, to enjoy a fun day at the park. This year will feature a variety of speakers, demos, exhubitors, vendors, family activities, live music, and delicious food!

Montreal Vegan Festival

October 21-22nd – Montreal, Quebec

Have the chance to discover new products and learn about veganism in one of Canada’s best vegan scene. Featuring culinary demos, popular vegan merchants, emerging brands, community organizations, roundtables, and tastings of vegan products and much more.

VegFest London

November 10th – London, Ontario

Admission isn’t free (unless you’re a kid of course) but it’s only $5. For the low fee you get to experience vegan food at it’s best. You’ll have the opportunity to experience the abundant & compassionate options available with vegan alternatives. The event will feature delicious food, vegan-friendly services and product vendors plus guest speakers and interactive activities.


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