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Going Vegan: Phase Three

First of all congratulations for making it this far. Many don’t and this is an accomplishment that you should be proud of, so take a second to be proud of your progress. Cue round of applause.

Now that you have gone through both the research phase and the implementation phase, it’s time to put all your hard work to the test and fully commit. That’s right, this phase is all about going fully vegan. Don’t worry, with all the prep and work that you have already put into your journey, this will be a piece of cake (vegan cake of course). Now is a good time to mention that if it isn’t a piece of vegan cake, that’s okay too. Take a break or go back a couple steps and restart. There is no shame in failing. People fail in all things, all the time. All that matters is that you get back up (was that too cheezy?).

Now that you are fully vegan, it is a great time to check out our resources page where we list all of our favourite vegan youtubers, bloggers, cookbooks and more! The perfect one-stop shop for all your vegan needs.

If you need to look back on some of the previous phases there is no shame in that. You can view phase one and phase two as many times as you need.


Step 11 – Go Plant-Based

Now that you have gone through all the steps you need to take it is time to finally go 100% plant-based. We say plant-based because we assume that you have yet to go through your non-food items for vegan and non-vegan ingredients. That is okay! Kat, who has been plant-based for over three years is even still working on the lifestyle aspect of veganism.


Step 12 – See Your Doctor

Once you have been vegan for at least three months we recommend that you go see your doctor in order to get a blood test. Blood tests are important for any lifestyle as it ensure that you are healthy and that you are not depriving yourselves of any vital nutrients. We say three months because it typically takes about that long to notice a difference in your vitamin levels from your diet change. Kat learned that she was iron deficient at her check up and now takes iron supplements to ensure that her body is getting enough, while also being sure to eat foods high in iron.


Step 13 – Cut Out Non-Vegan Lifestyle

Now that you have the diet down, it’s time to start thinking about your household items, clothing and anything else that could be non-vegan. Things like toothpaste, cleaning supplies, fur, leather and bags can be non-vegan. We would never recommend throwing away the stuff you have already bought, that would be just wasteful. However plan to not buy it in the future if that is what you wish to do.

Congratulations you are officially vegan and you should be proud of yourself for making it this far. We know we are. Be sure to let us know how your vegan journey went in the comments below, we love hearing about them. If you have any questions or topic suggestions we are happy to hear them as well.


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