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Healthy Vegan Whole Food Alternatives

Five health vegan whole food alternatives for healthier eating.

There are vegan alternatives for nearly everything now. You want milk, we got it. Mayo? We got it. You name it and it can be made vegan. However contrary to popular belief vegan does not equal health. Just because it’s vegan, doesn’t mean it’s healthy. A lot of these alternatives while technically might be *healthier* than their non-vegan counterpart aren’t what we’d consider healthy. Yes, we hate to be the ones to break it to you but vegan mayo is not healthy. While this doesn’t stop us from enjoying these awesome products we do know there are people out there looking for healthy alternatives.

This list is designed to give you plant-based swaps that are not only delicious but healthy. Disclaimer: They are not replicas. We don’t think this should have to be said, but we’re saying it anyways. Anytime your try and make an unhealthy thing healthy you’re bound to miss out on some of that original flavour. These swaps instead focus on products that offer similar nutrients and textures instead of fully replicating.

Check out the full list of healthy whole food alternatives below.

Avocado is the new mayo!

Looking for something delicious and nutritious to replace everyone’s favourite spread? Try avocado! Avocado offers similar fat contents (except from healthy sources) and the creamy texture of a ripe avocado is the perfect addition to any sandwich or chickpea “tuna”.

two avocado halves

Head to the produce aisle for your next burger patty.

We’ve been using portobello mushrooms as a substitute for burgers for a long time. There a healthy option and offer a similar meaty texture that you would want in any burger. They’re great baked or put on the grill. Feeling adventurous? Try our Southern Fried Portobello Burger for a unhealthy – but delicious weekend treat.

Chick-who? Chickpeas!

Looking to cut the chickens in your life a little slack? Let the chicken carry one and try out some chickpeas! No this isn’t just a fun play on words – chickpeas offer a great amount of protein and act as a great substitute in dishes like Butter Chicken. You can also make a great chickpea salad sandwich instead of shredded chicken.

roasted chickpeas in a bowl

Crumbled tofu tacos anyone?

If you’re vegan there’s already a great substitute for ground beef. Head to almost any grocery store and you should find a couple ground round options that are so close to the taste and texture of ground beef! However if you’re looking for a less processed and slightly healthier option may we suggest some crumbled tofu or tempeh! Both a soy based product so with the right seasonings and sauces you’ll be able to get pretty close to a classic ground beef whether it’s for tacos or bolognese.

Is milk chocolate even chocolate anyways?

Okay, okay milk chocolate is good. It’s a delicious sweet treat that will satisfy that sweet tooth, but it’s not very healthy. Instead swap it with a piece of dark chocolate and you’ll still satisfy that sweet tooth but you’ll be getting it in a healthier option. While I still wouldn’t call dark chocolate healthy it is far healthier than the sugar and milk-filled alternatives.

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