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How to Stay Vegan Beyond Veganuary

Happy Veganuary! Veganuary is a month where those who would like to try and eat vegan can do so for the month of January. Being vegan can be tough, even if your successful for the entire month. There are tempations everywhere, and not a lot of vegan options depending on where you live. So how to do you stay vegan beyond veganuary? We’re here to offer some tips and tricks from our time being vegan to help you stick to your vegan journey.

Start Slow

It’s okay to go back to eating some animal-based foods. If you’re having some trouble throughout veganuary, try reintroducing an animal-based product and stay vegan the rest of the time. After this you can slowly eliminate animal-based foods when you’re ready.

Have a Variety of Resources

Resources can mean a lot of different things to different people. We simply mean your should have as much variety as you can in information, recipes, ingredients, pantry staples, and kitchen equipment. While not all of this is necessary for everyone, we find that the easier you make it for yourself the easier it is to stay on track. Information is the most important resource.┬áMake sure you have a lot of information at your disposal. Information is key when you’re trying to ensure that you are giving your body everything it needs to thrive. This doesn’t just mean research, this also means going to your doctor and getting blood work done so you can understand your body on a vegan diet.

how to stay vegan beyond veganuary

Eat What You Want

Don’t fret about being healthy! If you want a burger, find yourself a good vegan patty and make yourself a delicious not-so-healthy meal. May we suggest a Beyond Burger patty? By not limiting yourself to salads and whatever buddha bowls are, a vegan diet feels a lot less restrictive. Obviously eating burgers everyday isn’t very sustainable or healthy, but when you’re ready you can slowly make the change to healthier versions of your favourite junk foods.

You’re Allowed to Fail

Remember that if you do everything right and you still end up going back to eating meat that it’s okay. You’re allowed to fail and you shouldn’t beat yourself down for it. It just means you need to change things up a little next time. Take a look at what happened and reassess. Figure out what you can do differently and try again. Kat’s been vegan nearly five years and is still tempted from time to time, we’re all human it’s okay to not be perfect!


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