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Most Popular Vegan Recipes of 2021

With everything from creamy pasta to childhood favourites, cookies, and more! These 10 popular vegan recipes will get you excited to dive into the kitchen and eat some delicious plant based meals at home.

We all had high hopes that 2021 would be at least better than the previous. Well this year brought A LOT of challenges and hardships around the world. But it also brought a long list of delicious vegan recipes that we were incredibly proud to be able to share with you. This list is packed with some of our favourites and some of yours.

The past year was all about comfort. With, what felt like, endless doom and gloom in 2021 it was important to us that we took care of our mental health the best we could. Part of taking care of our mental health was creating recipes that made us feel happy to make and eat!

To kick off the new year and Veganuary, we’re taking a delicious step down memory lane and sharing Two market Girl’s top vegan recipes of 2021.

Creamy Sun-Dried Tomato Pasta

Without a doubt our most popular recipe of the year both in google search and YouTube! This creamy and dreamy weeknight dinner is absolutely stunning. Made with non-dairy sun-dried tomato cream sauce, kale, and perfectly cooked al dente pasta. Finished with the perfect hint of spice, this super simple recipe is a favourite for a reason!

Maltese Froga tat-Tarja

We’ll be honest about this one, it didn’t get a lot of views or search traffic but we couldn’t make this list without this one. This recipe is near and dear to Kat’s heart as it’s a childhood favourite and a reminder of fond family memories. This crispy vegan vermicelli omelete is the perfect late night snack, morning breakfast, or whatever you feel.

Popcorn Cookies

Looking for the perfect movie night snack ideas? Take your popcorn game up a level and add them to cookies! Our Vegan Popcorn Cookies are the perfect balance of sweet and salty while still being dairy free, eggless and completely plant based. These cookies combine two of our favourite things: popcorn and cookies, and make a delicious treat that Kat’s parents are absolutely obsessed with!

Vegan Maltese Ricotta Pastizzi

We couldn’t leave this childhood favourite off the list. This recipe took weeks to develop but it was SO WORTH IT. Flaky, buttery pastry wrapped around a cheesy vegan ricotta filling. They’re a labour of love but worth every single minute of it. These flaky, savoury pastries are a Maltese staple and hold a big place in Kat’s heart.

Vegan Portuguese Malasadas

Can you tell this year was the year of childhood favourites? These Vegan Malasadas are a traditional Portuguese fried doughnut that’s sweet, light, and fluffy. This easy homemade recipe is the perfect Azorean dessert rolled in sugar. Enjoy these pillow-y doughnuts any day of the week because they’re so simple to make.

Buffalo Oyster Mushroom Sandwich

It’s without a doubt a scroll-stopping recipe. Crispy, crunchy and packed with flavour. This Air-Fried Buffalo Oyster Mushroom Sandwich is our version of a homemade vegan chicken sandwich tossed in buffalo sauce and topped with a vegan miso mayo. 

Portuguese Papas

Hello childhood (again)! This incredibly simple 5 ingredient recipe is a Portuguese breakfast or sweet treat. This creamy Vegan Portuguese Papas is dairy free, creamy, delicious and comforting – can you ask for anything more?

Vegan Apple Fritters

Fluffy and delicious, these Vegan Apple Fritters are easy to make, but taste like they’re straight out of a bakery! These deep fried donuts packed with apples and cinnamon are made without yeast, so there’s no rise time required. Finished with a sweet maple glaze.  

Vegan Cranberry Orange Scones

We make scones a lot, but these ones are next level and you all agreed with us. Tart and sweet, these Vegan Glazed Cranberry Orange Scones are a delicious seasonal sweet treat! Flaky, buttery layers with bursting cranberries – these plant based scones are great for breakfast, tea time, or dessert.

Vegan Cheesy Buffalo Chicken Dip

We’re dip people and this dip is truly delicious. Creamy, spicy, and cheesy – no one will believe this simple and delicious Vegan Buffalo Chicken Dip is vegan. The perfect balance of spicy buffalo sauce, this vegan appetizer is perfect for those looking for a kick of heat. Made with vegan sour cream and cream cheese for the perfect texture and packed with vegan chicken, buffalo sauce, fresh dill, and vegan cheese.

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