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Vegan Christmas Leftover Recipes

The holidays is about family, friends, and food! We spend a lot of time working towards a delicious dinner on Christmas Day, but often forget that you are going to have leftovers. At least if you’re doing the holiday right, you’ll have leftovers. Having the same meal over and over again can get boring, that’s why we put together a collection of our favourite vegan Christmas leftover recipes.

Not all of these recipes were originally made with leftovers, but they all can be customized and made with your favourite holidays foods. A lot of these recipes were designed for Thanksgiving leftovers, but since most of the dishes are the same holiday to holiday, they’d work just fine.


Potato Waffles

Waffles are the best. Anyone who says otherwise is lying or delusional. We just love that you can take a classic dish, like mashed potatoes, and turn it into this unique brunch. Super filling and absolutely delicious – these waffles will have you excited for Christmas to end, just so you can have this for breakfast.

Leftover Wraps

We love a good wrap. A wrap is the perfect vessel for damn near everything. Seriously I know people call soups the fridge cleaner but I think we could drive a good argument for wraps. Anytime I have a lot of veggies in my fridge that need using up, I sautee them up and pack them into a wrap. Christmas leftovers are no different. Whatever you served at your Christmas dinner, pack it all into a wrap with some gravy and you’ve got yourself one heck of a delicious Boxing Day lunch.

Vegan Thanksgiving Leftover Wraps

Leftover Sandwich

This is the ultimate leftover vessel no? A sandwich is the first thing I think of when I think leftovers. I used to have turkey clubs when I was growing up – now I have tofurkey clubs! These aren’t recipes for clubs, but it’s still one heck of a delicious sandwich. Pack your leftovers in between toasty pieces of bread and you’ll be in heaven.

Vegan, Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Leftovers Sandwich + A Special Offer!

Vegan Thanksgiving Leftover Sandwiches

Leftover Buddha Bowl

Bowls are the answer to all our problems. Seriously we love bowls, so much we basically wrote a love letter to them in our Tahini Ginger Bowl. We ove that you can combine a bunch of delicious components, top with a delicious dressing and you have a heck of a meal. Why not try making a dressing out of the cranberry sauce and gravy? Christmas leftovers are made to be bowl-ified.


We wouldn’t be true Canadians if poutine didn’t show up this list somewhere. As big fans of experimental poutine (see our Big Mac Poutine) we love this twist on a classic poutine. If you’ve made roast potatoes fro Christmas dinner this is an even better option as you don’t need to make a new batch of fries – just make your poutine with the roasted potatoes!

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