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Vegan FAQs

When you go vegan, chances are you are going to get A LOT of questions. Questions about your well being or your eating habits or some joke questions or maybe even some hypothetical,’what if you were stuck on a dessert island’ questions. Sometimes they can be annoying and stressful, however we love getting these questions. Questions typically means someone is interested in discussing the vegan lifestyle. You can use these moments to educate people who may not look into veganism on their own.

If you would like to hear more about our opinion on these questions, we have just released episode three of our podcast; TMG Unfiltered, where we talk all our vegan FAQs. Be sure to listen to our podcast to get more detail on how we answer these questions. Never miss an episode of TMG Unfiltered by subscribe to our podcast on iTunes and GooglePlay.

So what do you eat!?

This question comes up often. It is usually the first and most frequent question you will get. We love to use this question to educate people on all the food options we have. In fact most meals couldn’t be made without our amazing vegan ingredients. Vegan diets are probably less limiting than regular diets because they force creativity in your meals. So what do we eat? Everything that you do just without the animal products. We eat burgers and mac n’ cheese and caesar salad and most other things you can think of. The question should really be ‘what don’t you eat?’

Where do you get your protein?

We like to use this question to educate, because most people don’t realize how many different foods that you can get protein from. In fact you can get protein from grains, beans, tofu, nuts, seeds, tempeh and vegetables. Be sure to check out the awesome protein resource on The Vegetarian Resource GroupΒ where they list great plant based protein sources. Plus most people don’t realize how much protein they should be eating, and that most people are eating more than they need. Long story short, we get our protein from lots of things.

Don’t you miss cheese? Meat? BACON?

We think one of the biggest misconceptions is that most vegans go vegan because they hate meat and maybe some do, but we sure didn’t. We used to love the taste of meat and cheese, however when you are going vegan for a particular reason, whether it be health or the animals, you understand that there is more to a lifestyle than the taste of meat and cheese. Plus meat and cheese are not the only delicious foods out there, vegetables and fruit and beans and grains are all delicious and all vegan. PS. If you haven’t had vegan cheese lately, give it a try because it is amazing now.

Isn’t it expensive to be vegan?

Nope! Have you looked at the price of a steak? That is pretty expensive in our opinion. Vegetables are not expensive. Beans are not expensive. Grains are not expensive. It is when you start getting into processed foods and restaurants where the price starts to increase, but that is true of any diet. If veganism was expensive, Kat would not have been able to do it through University, but she did.

Is being vegan healthy?

It can be, but that doesn’t mean all vegan food is healthy. A vegan chocolate cake is no healthier than its non-vegan counterpart. However we find it easier to be healthy on a vegan diet because most of your meals consist of vegetables, fruit, grains and beans. If you want to be healthy on a vegan diet, we recommend sticking to most whole foods, meaning foods with very minimal processing.

Do you feel different being vegan?

This answer is different for everyone. Some people do and some people don’t. Answer this honestly and tell them how you feel different, but be sure to remind them that it is different for everyone and it will vary based on the types of vegan foods you are eating. If you still eat mostly processed foods, you probably won’t see much of a change, but if you are switching to a whole foods diet you may see and feel some differences. For example, Kat feels less heavy after a meal, but Dev never really thought of that as a change.

Is honey vegan?

Technically, no. Vegans don’t eat anything that comes from an animal and a bee is an animal. There are many great substitutes for honey in a vegan diet; agave nectar, maple syrup and vegan honee.


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