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Vegan Holiday Gift Guide 2018

The holidays can be tough, especially buying gifts. I can’t tell you how many times I have struggled to buy someone a gift. Actually I can tell you, all but one time. Now throw in the fact that the person you’re buying for is vegan and you’ve got a whole other dilemma on your hand. You may as well sit in the corner now and prepare for an anxiety attack as you head out to the mall… during the holidays. Don’t fret – we’re here to help.

Our Vegan Holiday Gift Guide is perfect for those shopping for a vegan or if you are a vegan and want to give your family and friends some help this year. Our gift guide isn’t divided into types of people – but they are gifts anyone will love. From food to apparel you can’t go wrong with one of these purchases. However you’re in luck – you may not need to purchase them.

You read that right, but why? We’re in the giving mood so everything on this holiday gift guide we will be giving away!!! That’s right we teamed up with all the incredible brands below to do a series of giveaways all throughout December on our Instagram. Head over there and give us a follow so you don’t miss a single giveaway.

Not into reading? Check out our full gift guide video below.

Vegan Apparel

Two Market Girls x Shirt Activism

You read that right – we have our own merch now! We teamed with one of our favourite people and brands to create our very own apparel. We have been so excited to show this to you all and finally we can.

Apparel is an amazing way to rep veganism in a subtle way – and with cool designs you may even have some non-vegans asking for their own. Believe me, my brothers asked for our designs even though they aren’t fully vegan. We love that our designs can help open up people to veganism.

If you don’t want to wait for the giveaway, head over to Shirt Activism to buy yours now!

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Holiday Cookies

New Moon Kitchen

Food is never a bad idea. We love these holiday cookies from New Moon Kitchen – they’re delicious and make the perfect stocking stuffer! Coming in Salted Chocolate and Lemon Cranberry flavours – you can get the classic holiday flavours in chewy cookies, the entire family will love.

Don’t want to wait for the giveaway? Check out where you can buy them in store and online.


Jewels by SJB

Everyone loves jewelry – and we absolutely adore every piece from Jewels by SJB. We’ve had our pieces for a while now and we can honestly say we where them almost every day. Perfect quality, great designs, and always 100% vegan. The perfect gift for the jewelry lover in your life. Choose from rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

For our holiday giveaway we’ll be giving away the “V” for Vegan Tiny Coin Necklace! Available in gold or silver and it can be customized with any letter you want. Don’t want to wait for the giveaway – check out her website to buy your piece now.

Hot Sauce

Lola’s Fine Hot Sauce

Spice up your holidays with a bottle of one of our favourite hot sauces.

We love hot sauce! It’s such a big part of our channel and we couldn’t imagine doing a giveaway without hot sauce, and Lola’s Fine Hot Sauce is one of our absolute favourites. If you have a spicy food lover in your life it makes the perfect stocking stuffer. With four delicious varieties and absolutely no preservatives – these bottles of the ideal spicy gift.

Check out their website to find out where you can pick up a bottle.

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Vegan Cookbook

Vegan Christmas by Avant Garde Vegan

The holidays can be difficult – especially when you realize you have to cook for a vegan. We’ll be the first to admit that cooking for vegans, when you’re not used to it, can be very intimidating. That’s where a cookbook comes in handy – buy this for your non-vegan family members so they never feel intimidated again. Of course you could also buy this for any vegan in your life – we all love to receive new cookbooks. Seriously, you won’t meet a vegan who doesn’t like getting a cookbook. Not sure if you want this? Check out our full review of his cookbook here.

Buy it yourself on Amazon Canada, US, or UK.

Popcorn Tin

Cornucopia Popcorn

Am I the only one who used to get big tins of a variety of popcorn flavours at Christmas? It honestly one of my favourite memories from the holidays. That’s why when I found out there was a company out of Texas that had vegan popcorn tins, I immediately hopped on the computer and sent them an email. With delicious flavours like Buttered Original, Chili Lime, Sweet & Smoky Barbecue, Cinnamon Toast, Butter Pecan, and more – you’ll be drooling before you even taste it. Cornucopia Popcorn was super generous and gave us a tin of Chili Lime, Simply Savoury, Butter Pecan, and Holiday Mix to give to one of you. Don’t forget to check out our Instagram.

Check out their website to buy one for yourself.

Enamel Pins

Vegan Power Co.

We love enamel pins! If you didn’t know that, you know now. We seriously have a goal to have TMG pins one day, just you wait. For now we’re loving everything from Vegan Power Co.. With some of the absolute cutest pins around, no one will be upset if you got them a set of these – even if they aren’t vegan!

Check out their Etsy Shop for the full collection.

gift guide 2018

Vegan Honey

Mama Vegan

Any honey lovers in your family? Help save the bees by investing in vegan alternatives. Our personal favourite is from Mama Vegan. With a delicious apple undertone this is the perfect substitute for honey. Whether your adding it to a cup of tea or using it to sweeten your desserts, you won’t be disappointed. May we also suggest trying out their honey roasted cashews?

Check out their website for more information on their delicious products.

Gift Card

Vegan Supply

Vegan Supply was started by vegans, for vegans. An online store filled with everything a vegan could hope for. They’re┬ábig supporters of organic, fair trade, and other vegan companies, with one of their priorities finding quality brands and products that you may not have heard of before. They want to make vegan food easy to find, and that’s a mission we can get behind. As part of our giveaway, they’re contributing a $30 giftcard for one of you amazing people. Follow our Instagram to learn more.

Buy what you need for the holidays by checking them out now!



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