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Vegan Valentine’s Day Ideas

Valentine’s Day is around the corner. The day of love, chocolate and wine. A lot of Valentine’s Day activities revolve around some not-so vegan things. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re a vegan or dating a vegan, our vegan Valentine’s Day ideas are perfect for your love day.


Make a Vegan Dinner

Whether you’re vegan or your significant other is a homemade vegan meal is just what you need. Good thing we’ve got you covered. We recently teamed up with two fellow vegan YouTubers to create the ultimate vegan Valentine’s Day menu from appetizer to dessert. Or try our newly posted pasta recipes; Creamy Garlic Chick’n Penne and Creamy Mushroom Fettuccine. What says ‘I love you’ more than a delicious home cooked meal?

Spend the Day with Animals

Spending the day helping animals is truly a life-changing experience. There’s nothing more romantic than sharing that experience with the ones you love. Whether you’re vegan or not, spending a day all about love taking care of animals which would otherwise be dead is a truly remarkable experience that you both will remember forever.

Take a Cooking Class

There’s a reason so many romantic comedies feature a cooking class date – they’re fun! And surprisingly romantic. There’s something about cooking together that can bring out so much in a person. We suggest finding a cool vegan cooking class somewhere and signing up. Bonus points, you typically get to eat anything you make. Now what if one of you is significantly better at cooking than the other? Easy, you be the teacher. Is there anything more romantic than teaching your significant other something new? We don’t think so.

Looking for a great vegan cooking class in or around Toronto? Check out Toronto Vegetarian Association’s list of recommendations.

Dinner Out

Whether one of you is vegan or both of you are there is a restaurant out there for you. In Toronto there are a number of great restaurants that serve both vegan and non-vegan dishes and even more that serve just vegan food. If looking for something for both diets we love Il Fornello and District Eatery. If you’re looking for all vegetarian/vegan restaurants we love Fresh, Hogtown Vegan and Planta.

Movie Night

We love movies! Seriously Kat and her boyfriend go at least once a week. Going to the movies is a great date night, you get to bond over a common interest and enjoy movie theatre snacks. Plus rumours are that Cineplex Cinemas’ (in Canada) popcorn no longer contains dairy and is vegan-friendly! Who doesn’t love a big bag of popcorn? Pro tip: Try adding some Mini Oreos to the bag, you get a surprise sweet treat that goes surprisingly well with salty popcorn.

Nature Walk

Be one with nature this Valentine’s Day. Grab your significant other and head to one of the many hikes Canada has to offer. In the Greater Toronto Area alone there are a number of awesome hikes that are winter friendly. Check out Blog TO’s great list of the best Toronto Winter Hikes for a head start on your research. Don’t forget to dress warm and pack lots of water!

Do Nothing

Who says you have to do anything for Valentine’s Day? If Valentine’s Day isn’t your thing, don’t feel pressured to do anything special or hang out with your significant other at all. Or maybe you just need some self love because Valentine’s Day isn’t just about love between people. Why not do what makes you the most stress-free? Maybe that’s taking a bath with a big glass of wine or going to a rage room to break a bunch of stuff. Whatever it may be, do it and spend a stress-free day loving yourself.

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