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Since 2016 TMG has been a space to find simple made-from-scratch recipes, accompanied by dad-worthy puns and the occasional swear word. Coming here we assume you were expecting to find some salads and maybe some healthy smoothie recipes? If that’s what you’re here for, lettuce tell you this is not the place for you. While we love healthy food and try to olive a healthy lifestyle, we seriously love plant-based junk food.

Wheat believe in working with real ingredients as often as possible. To us that means as little processed food as possible and never any eggs, dairy or meat. That’s right, olive these mouthwatering recipes are entirely plant-based. Wheat aim to get people back in their kitchen by using our simple recipes and uncomplicated cooking techniques. Recipes that donut intimidate or confuse. Olive our recipes either have minimal ingredients, take minimal thyme, or uses minimal equipment/tools. In case you didn’t get the point, they’re minimal.

Not only do wheat have great blog personalities (eats okay, we know that we don’t) but we also post olive our weekly recipes on our YouTube channel and create weekly podcast episodes where we talk all the things we are interested in! If you can’t get enough of us, hop on over to our YouTube channel, Two Market Girls, or our podcast, TMG Unfiltered.

We donut apologize about any of these horrible puns.



Katherine and Devin are the girls behind the Two Market Girls. Yes there are actually two of us, this name was not an accident. High school best friends and serial creators. We make each other hyper and our recipes often take double the amount of time because of all the laughing we are doing in between. We laugh hard at our jokes, but don’t worry if you don’t get it, most of our jokes aren’t actually that funny. We both enjoy eating probably more than the average human and definitely look lost all the time. If you ever see us out in public we are the ones filming ourselves and probably embarrassing ourselves.  


Katherine, the girl with the baking tattoo. I am behind all of the recipes, photography and writing. Yes, I am responsible for all these horrible jokes you read around the blog. No, I am not sorry. I’ve been plant-based since April 2014 and have been creating recipes since day one. When I started out my recipes were kinda shit. Okay not kinda, definitely shit. Through trial and error I think I have become a decent cook, but I guess you can confirm that for me.

Who am I? I write short stories, am a graduate student in a PR program, could cry every time I see a puppy, listen to Christmas music in the middle of June, am itching to get more tattoos, go to movies at 4PM because at heart I’m an old lady, food puns are the way to my heart, I’m 100% addicted and in love with horror, could eat donuts and pizza every day and dislike roller-coasters; not because I’m afraid or get motion sick, but because I just don’t find them fun.


Devin, the girl with the camera. I’m the girl behind all the videos and make it all pretty for you. I’ve been producing digital content for six years now, and I’m always looking for new things to try. The kitchen didn’t used to be a place I liked to be, but since starting this blog with Kat, I get to enjoy cooking up food and content all the time!

Who am I? I work as a digital media producer and social media manager. I wish my Kat cat was a puppy, I stopped eating beef because I saw a cow crying (thus began my transition to veganism), I love podcasts and I’m a wannabe kombucha connoisseur.




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Remember we are not medical professionals or dieticians, it is important to take regular blood tests to ensure you are getting everything that you need. Be sure to consult your doctor before doing anything in regards to your health.


It is important to remember that this blog is a place for expression. We understand that someone’s lifestyle is a personal choice and respect everyone’s views however all these posts simply express our own views and opinions and may differ from your own. We also promise any post that requires research, will have the research done. We are not making up facts or statistics, everything is researched to ensure accuracy.

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