Kitchen Essentials

We get a lot of questions asking us about brands we like and use most often. Instead of messaging each individual person who asks we thought we’d create a page all about our kitchen essentials. From small appliances to ingredients, this list is how we keep a well stocked kitchen. We’ll keep this as updated as possible, so don’t forget to check it frequently for changes.

Now keep in mind that every person and every cook is different, so while these are essentials for us that doesn’t mean they’ll be kitchen essentials for you. Work within your budget and space to make the best kitchen for you. Use this has a guide to what we use every day, not what you NEED to buy.

Disclaimer: Some of the links on this page are affiliate links. All that means is that if you purchase the item through one of these links, Two Market Girls gets a small percentage of the sale price for sending you there. There is no additional cost to the purchaser.

Everything we use is not included in this list – instead we included only our favourites and most frequently used. Of course you should also assume we use the basics like all-purpose flour, nutritional yeast and more. Those ingredients however are not brand specific for us.