Cookbook Guide

We love cookbooks and thanks to the rise of veganism there are so many amazing vegan cookbooks out there. If you know us you know Kat has A LOT of cookbooks. She’s basically a cookbook junkie. So much so we even started a series on our YouTube channel where we review vegan cookbooks.┬áSo what’s this page about? This is our cookbook guide where we’re going to put our favourites. These are the cookbooks that we continually go back to for dinner inspiration. These are the cookbooks that are the first the come to mind when someone is look for some food help. Want to buy them? Just click on the photo and it will head straight to where you can buy it.

Did we miss a cookbook? Let us know what should be added to this list. Please keep in mind that our go-to cookbooks are constantly changing, which means this page will be too. Don’t forget to check back consistently for updates and keep an eye on our channel for future cookbook reviews.

Disclaimer: Some of the links in this cookbook guide are affiliate links. That simply means that if you purchase the item through the link then TMG gets a percentage of the sale. There is no extra cost to the purchaser.