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Accidentally Vegan Products in Canada

It’s a wonderful time to be vegan. New vegan restaurants and products are popping up daily, and A&W Canada officially has a vegan burger! We honestly can’t believe how easy it is to be vegan now. Yes, the lifestyle change and mindset change is still difficult, but finding vegan options is becoming easier and easier. Almost every section of the grocery store has a vegan option now, and we’re loving it.

On top of all the vegan options, there are also many accidentally vegan options. What exactly does accidentally vegan mean? It means products that happen to be vegan, but were not created for vegans. Many brands probably don’t even realize their products are vegan. We love accidentally vegan products because they are usually delicious and unhealthy, and you know how much we love junk food.

Remember the stuff on this list is not meant to be healthy. Just because it’s vegan does NOT make it healthy, at all. Not everything you need to eat, needs to be healthy. Enjoy your life with some balance, eat well and enjoy some treats. We do all the time, we don’t know how we’d live without some treats. All the things on this list are actually staples in our vegan junk food stash.

Here’s our comprehensive list of all the best accidentally vegan product in Canada. Remember this list was made for Canadian residents in July 2018. Anything after this date, there may be some changes so read the ingredients carefully.

DISCLAIMER: This blog post contains Amazon affiliate links. The items cost the same to you, but if purchased through our link we receive a portion of the sale. One way we are able to fund TMG by sharing products we love. 


Oreos are vegan, but you probably already knew that.

accidentally vegan oreos

Any vegan will tell you that these are accidentally vegan, it’s probably the first thing out of their mouths. The most famous cookie there is, and for a good reason – it’s delicious! We don’t know what we’d do without these cookies in our diet. Check out our Oreo Sliders or Oreo Donuts.

Yes, Sweet Chili Heat Doritos are vegan. Yes, we use them in recipes.

The only vegan Doritos flavour, but really the only one you need. The perfect balance of spicy and sweet make this one of our go-to snacks. Plus you can find this in some recipes on our blog including; Sweet Chili Heat Caesar and Doritos Crusted Tofu Tacosvegan ritz crackers

Buttery, delicious, and vegan – Ritz Crackers

We didn’t realize these buttery circles of goodness were vegan for a long time, but when we did, boy were we happy. Every bite reminds us of our childhood memories.

OH CANADA! No Name Ketchup Chips

If you’re Canada like we are, ketchup chips are important to you. Most aren’t vegan, but thank goodness for no-name brands too cheap to use dairy because these ones are! Seriously would have no idea what we’d do without ketchup chips in our lives. Check out our Ultimate Canadian Caesar where we use these.

Pillsbury Crescent Rolls, and now dinner is complete.

Everything before this reminded us of our childhood, and this one is no different.

Vegan kids, Sour Patch Kids that is…

Candy can be difficult because most has gelatin (which is made from animal bones) but good thing is the Maynards brand has a lot of options. Sour Patch Kids are our favourite go-to for movie nights.

PC Speculoos Cookie Butter, is vegan and it’s delicious.

This was an ace find when we discovered it was vegan. Beware because the first time Kat found this she and her boyfriend ate through an entire jar in just a couple days. We’re not proud of it.

Bringing back all the memories, Ringolos BBQ are vegan!

Childhood favourite alert, again. BBQ can be a difficult flavour to find vegan, but these little loops of joy are all vegan and all delicious.

Sour Watermelon Slices are gelatin free.

Used to be addicted to these in high school, and am a little disappointed that we just found out this one is vegan. Time to get my candy binge on.

Aero Dark serving all our vegan chocolate needs.

A classic chocolate bar here in Canada. There aren’t a lot that are vegan, so when you find a chocolate bar that is, you celebrate.

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