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When we heard about an all vegan 24-hour drive thru opening up in London, Ont. we quickly made plans to head out there. We packed up the car, said good by to our security blanket kitchen and sought out to make a vlog all about delicious London food. First stop: Globally Local. We got to the restaurant after a two hour drive from Toronto to the discovery that the drive thru had yet to open. Here’s a lesson kids, when you find an article about a new vegan restaurant opening, read it to find out when before you drive hours out of Toronto for it.

A year later we went back. This time it was open. Thank goodness. We arrived around noon and immediately went through the drive thru. Not only because this is what we’ve been waiting for, but also because we were starving. We bought four breakfast sandwiches, no not just for us, we also brought our boyfriends on the journey. The Faconator and Bacun Maple Crunch breakfast sandwiches were ours. We hadn’t had a breakfast sandwich in a really long time, so this was what we were looking forward to. With the car in park, we ate our sandwiches. Spoiler alert, we loved them so much we totally forgot to take pictures of them before we scarfed them down.

The Faconator typically has a sausage patty, tempeh bacon and cheese. They were out of the sausage so we doubled up on the bacon and we were not disappointed. Their tempeh bacon is seriously one of the best tempeh bacons we’ve ever had. Bacun Maple Crunch has tofu egg patty, cheese, tempeh bacon, maple syrup and a hashbrown. The crunch from the hashbrown was the perfect addition to an already delicious sandwich. What really got us was the perfect amount of sweet that came in from the maple syrup. Seriously we would recommend both of these, and cannot wait until we get to try the rest.

After we finished our sandwiches we walked around for about five minutes before we decided we needed to try more. Making the final decision was difficult but we finally picked a good selection of food and bought it, and there was A LOT. Keep in mind our boyfriends were there to help us eat some of the food. We got the Famous Burger (Big Mac Copycat), Vopper, Crispy Chickun, Chickun Cordon Bleu, Pulled Jack, Mac n’ Cheese, and Fries Supremacy. After driving hours for this, we figured we should make the most of it. We also got FIVE Sweets From the Earth cookies because they had a delay due to mechanical issues and were given these free to make up for it. Loved that they were always thinking of their customers and really appreciated the gesture, and the cookies!

We both had different favourites of the selection. Dev loved the Chickun Cordon Bleu while Kat’s favourite was The Famous Burger, and we both loved the Vopper. The Famous Burger, while didn’t exactly taste like a Big Mac, was a good substitute. Both the Crispy Chickun and Chickun Cordon Bleu were great at imitating their meat counterparts. Globally Local makes some delicious vegan chickun. The Mac n’ Cheese was the most disappointing of the lot. It tasted like a good creamy pasta, however not a mac n’ cheese, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t taste good. The Fries Supremacy had great flavour and was definitely something we would get again.

Overall we were pleased with our trip to London. We can both say safely that our favourite was definitely the breakfast sandwiches. They tasted just like their non-vegan counterparts and were very satisfying. Even our non-vegan boyfriends thought so! While they had delicious burgers and sides, the draw is in their breakfast. We cannot wait to go back and try every other sandwich we didn’t get to this time.

We are looking forward to their summer items, ice cream and frozen treats. Seriously we saw that they will have dipped cones soon and we cannot wait to get our hands on one of those. Milkshakes too!!!

Be sure to check out our full review and thoughts on Globally Local in our video below!

PS. We spent over $70 on our meals at Globally Local, more than we have ever spent at any other fast food restaurant, but we don’t regret a single dollar.


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