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The Best Plant-Based Burgers

The five best plant-based burgers, and how you can use them, when you’re in a bind or simply don’t feel like doing much cooking. 

The countdown to Canada Day (Fourth of July is you’re American) is on! This month we’re releasing A LOT of delicious plant-based recipes that make the perfect addition to any summer party. From dips and drinks to the ultimate burger challenge and even some easy summer desserts. June is the month for delicious vegan recipes.

A part of summer cooking always involves the barbecue. If you ask Kat, summer cooking solely involves the barbecue. That’s why in today’s How to Vegan post we’re talking about our the five best plant-based burgers available in grocery stores.

Plant-based burgers have come a long way since just five years ago. Now you can find plant-based burgers just about everywhere and they’re even fooling omnivores! Anything that makes eating plant-based a little easier is a-ok in our books. Check out our favourite plant-based burgers below.

plant-based burgers being grilled

Beyond Meat Burgers

We’d be remiss not to include the world famous plant-based burger on our list. It’s so real it even has omnivores fooled. If you’re looking to impress your meat eating friends, we’d definitely recommend these. Be cautious though as these cost a pretty penny.

Pro tip: Add mix-ins these patties for an even more realistic taste!

Yves Good Veggie Burgers

Yves has been out go-to brand for a lot of different plant-based meats. They’re low cost but still taste absolutely delicious. Topped with all the classic fix-ins you’d never know these were veggie burgers. We love these as our everyday burger when we need a quick meal, as they’re available almost everywhere!

Cardinal Roadhouse Veggie Burgers

A more unknown option, but honestly one of the best. It’s not as “real” as a Beyond Burger, but honestly you forget that when you see the size and price. Very affordable and much bigger than most veggie burgers around – they’re actually bigger than most buns. These are our go-to, but aren’t available in a lot of place. Whenever we come across them we stock up!

Gardein Black Bean Burgers

A widely available option for those that truly like their veggie burgers to taste like veggie burgers. We usually don’t serve these to non-vegans as they’re not going to taste like a typical burger. Don’t get us wrong, these aren’t bad burgers but they have a time and a place.

Southern Fried Portobello Burger

Okay, while not technically a burger – this recipe is to die for. We developed this recipe a couple years ago and it’s still one of our favourites. The freshness of the mushroom with the crunchy and flavourful batter makes the perfect indulgent summer treat. They are quite a bit of work, but completely worth it.


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