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Vegan Matcha Latte

Learn how to make a Vegan Matcha Latte with just 4 ingredients. Creamy, warm, and perfect for cozy mornings in. 

One of my (Kat) favourite ways to start my morning is with a warm Vegan Matcha Latte. Ever since I first tried it, I’ve been obsessed. Including it in cookies, loaves, pancakes, and of course the latte! I used to go to a tea latte place in Toronto, but when it closed down I had to find a new way to make my favourite drink at home.

No frother required for this creamy, Vegan Matcha Latte that you can make with a simple sauce pan and a blender. Best alongside a tender Blueberry Scone.  But first, let’s discover matcha.

What is matcha?

Matcha is a Japanese green tea powder made from specific green tea leaves that are dried then ground into a powder. It’s traditionally consumed in East Asia but has been growing in popularity across the world. The green tea used for matcha powder are shade-grown for a few weeks before being harvested. Then it is processed into a fine powder for teas, tea lattes and culinary uses like baked goods. Matcha has a slightly bitter taste and is vibrant green in colour, and is typically higher in caffeine than other green teas.

Traditional Japanese tea ceremonies focus on the prep, serving and drinking of matcha. The tea used in these settings is called ceremonial-grade matcha, meaning that it’s a high enough quality to be used in a traditional tea ceremony. Lower-quality matcha is often called culinary matcha and can be used in baking, lattes and more. However, having said that, there are no industry standard definitions for either of these qualities.

Matcha Latte FAQ:

Where can I buy matcha?

There are many brands of matcha out there. You can buy from Mizuba Tea Co, Whisk Matcha, or DōMatcha.

Do I need a high speed blender for this recipe?

Nope! Any blender should work, but you can use a frother if you have it.

Can I use any non-dairy milk?

Whichever milk you prefer. We find that soy and oat froth the best, but you are welcome to use whatever works for you.

Can I make this iced?

Yes! We love and iced matcha latte. Just pour your matcha and milk (you don’t need to heat it up) over some ice and enjoy!

How to make a Vegan Matcha Latte:

Vegan Matcha Latte

Learn how to make a Vegan Matcha Latte with just 4 ingredients. Creamy, warm, and perfect for cozy mornings in. 
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Course: Drinks
Cuisine: Japanese
Servings: 2 servings


  • 4 g (2 tsp) matcha powder
  • 30 mL (2 tbsp) warm water
  • 360 mL (1½ cups) soy milk
  • 15 mL (1 tbsp) pure maple syrup


  • Place matcha powder in a small bowl. Slowly but vigorously whisk in hot water until completely smooth.
  • Place milk in a small saucepan and add maple syrup. Heat the mixture, then froth. You can do this with a milk steamer, frother, or by blending in a blender for a couple minutes.
  • Pour matcha mixture to a mug and pour over steamed milk. Stir to combine. Serve immediately.


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